Stacked Granola and Melon

Stacked Granola and Melon

As usual here at SEE SALT we want to STACK everything! This time we have stacked healthy granola with fresh melon and then crowned it with vanilla scented yogurt. Both delicate and delicious. Perfect for a special breakfast in bed.


  • Numbers correlate to layers of the stack starting from the bottom up.
    1. Granola
    2. Honeydew finely diced
    3. Second layer granola
    4. Cantaloupe finely diced
    • Greek Yogurt
    • Honey
    • Vanilla bean 


    • Forming ring of tin can with both ends removed
    • Tamper


      1. Place granola, finely diced honeydew and finely diced cantaloupe in separate bowls. Drain your diced melon if there is excess juice.
      2. Add a small amount of honey to each of your bowls of ingredients and stir. This acts as your binder.
      3. Start adding your first layer of granola . Be sure to firmly press down each layer with a tamper or something flat. Continue with each layer working your way up to the top. Carefully slide the ring off while pressing slightly on the top the ingredients with tamper to secure. This should come off easily.
      4. Finish with your yogurt and scent with a vanilla bean for extra specialness.
      5. Serve to someone you love and appreciate. (which can totally be yourself!)