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Changing food experiences;

one pinch at a time.

Bring high quality flavor to your home kitchen.


The Finishing Touch

Kitchens across the nation are changing their cooking habits and learning the benefits to using a great salt (something our French friends have known for years). Our fleur de sel is clean, nutrient rich and additive free. The soft flavor enhancing properties make it extremely versatile for daily use.

Introducing New Flavors

We believe in translucency and bringing you the highest quality salt from the best area in the world.

Adding high quality salt is the single best way to enhance flavors in your kitchen.

Clean, natural beautiful flavor. Taste the difference. It’s that simple.

Q: what is fleur de sel?

A: The French term meaning “flower of salt”.

Q: what is finishing salt?

A: quality salt used at the end to enhance the natural flavors of food.



This salt is, by far, my favorite salt. And it’s funny because I never really thought I could have a favorite salt. Because its salt. But make no mistake, there is a difference. You can taste the difference in every sprinkle, and honestly? I can’t live without this!

- Kale Junkie

This has become my favorite salt to sprinkle on desserts to the perfect balance of sweet and salty! Once you try the delicate crystals of See Salt, you’ll find yourself sprinkling it on everything.

- The Toasted Pine Nut

See Salt is a game changer - ten stars! It is the perfect finishing touch to everything from toast, to poultry, and fish and pizza. I do not leave home without it (see travel tin!) and I highly recommend it to everyone (buy one for you and some for all your friends and family)

- Holly Keeping it Real

Fleur de Sel

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